your girl ever been so mad at u she start talking to you like one of the homies?

"aiight fam"

"say no more bruh"

"you good son"

"it’s whatever, b"
"I ain’t eem skressin fam"
"ight nigga, whatever"

Aight, bet.
Oh word, fam?
Cool, nigga.
On bond, nigga?
Dead ass, son?

On bond nigga 👋💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😭

[Image that says:
Effects of racism on white children: 
-Denial of reality-Rationalization-Rigid thinking-Superiority-Fear and hatred
Effect of racism on children of color:
-Overidentification with white people-Separation and alienation -Confusion and bewilderment-Rejection-Shame-Anger and Rage
Roots & Wings: Affirming Culture in Early Childhood Programs, writtem by Stacey York, published by Redleaf Press, 2003.]

fried mac&cheese
What Scooby Doo REALLY taught us is that once you pull off the mask, the real villain is usually an old white man thing to steal everyone’s land or money.



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Cops Beat Up Bronx Teen Who Noted Scent Of Dog Poop In Their Presence

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